Rambler The Band – Savages (2020)

Life is full of different experience and emotions much like Savages the new EP from Rambler The Band. This self-produced EP moves from creepy vibes while driving at night to the secrets we want to hide from the world. Each track on the EP offers a new vibe and insight into the soundscape of the band.

Crafted in his home studio, the EP was recorded and produced by Rodrigo Gutierrez, the man behind the rambler. A self-taught musician, he has honed his skills over the years. Now he is ready to unleash an experimentation of sounds and themes through this EP.

The EP starts with ‘Low Light/Savages’ which is a track that came to mind while Gutierrez was driving at night on the mountains. The crash of sounds from the opening has this thread of creeping darkness to it. The flow of the melody makes you feel like there is someone watching you or lurking just outside your line of sight. The increase in pace and the infectious guitar line will have you moving to the beat and has a seeking vibe to it. When the vocals hit, you are filled with a search for the joy of life.

‘Shadows’ has a deeper and darker sound in the opening, but the darkness is quite different from the opening track. The vibe is more like something hidden in the depths that should never see the light of day. There is a guitar line that twangs through the melody that effortlessly hooks you. The vocals have a smooth smokiness to them that combines with the flow of the melody.

The pulsing guitars of ‘Ride’ swing the vibe completely into a more rock soundscape. There is an upbeat vibe to this track as it offers you a celebration of life through the lyrics. The vocal performance has a haziness to it, but this does not detract from the flow of the track. As you ride out the song, you are taken through the ups and downs of life as every experience is celebrated as part of the human experience.

The EP ends with ‘Flying Solo’ which has a completely different sound to the rest of the track. There is a light touch to the music and a sense of experimentation. The echoing and vibrating tones of the melody have you moving through a psychedelic soundscape while soaring to the guitar line. There are a lot of exciting sounds within the melody that you hope to hear more of.

Rambler The Band takes you through the human experience with his self-produced EP Savages. Each track looks at an experience within life from secrets to creeping night time drives and the search for something new.

Find out more about Rambler The Band on his Facebook and Spotify.

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