Kazaizen – Bye the Sea (2020)

Kazaizen touches on the desires many people have right now with the force of lockdowns weighing in. ‘Bye the Sea’ is a dreamy track that considers life out by the sea and the urge many people have to head out with loved ones. While the single has a sense of melancholy to it, there is an underlying inspirational message that lifts your spirits.

As the single rides dreamy atmospheres, it continues the bridging of 60s psychedelia and contemporary styles Kazaizen is becoming known for. As part of a collective releasing solo work and collaborations throughout the coming year, he offers a taster of what is to come. The single is the final one from his debut album Cyclops Dragon Light Switch.

The keyboard tones of ‘Bye the Sea’ grab your attention in the opening. They have a light psychedelic edge to them while being really relaxing. When the guitars shimmer across the beats and keys, you are swept into a wave of nostalgia tinged with longing. The melody continues to edge on the melodic side of psychedelia while filling you with wistful yearning. While full of longing, there is a light feeling that grows in your chest as you listen.

Kazaizen’s vocals add to the dreamy atmosphere of the single while continuing to tow the psychedelic line. There is a wavering feeling to his performance that makes you think of streaks of light leading you into the unknown. As you float along his performance, he makes you want to head out to the sea and just sit while watching the waves. His vocals have a very chilled vibe but there is so much more to them.

If the psychedelic touches don’t get to you through the single, they will with the music video. The colourful transitions in the video add a haze to the visual that perfectly matches the melody. Through the video, Kazaizen tugs on your longing for being outside as he is shown playing and singing the single by the water. There is a cameo from BB-8 that adds a little fun to the overall chilled video.

Kazaizen fills you with melancholic nostalgia and waves of yearning with the lo-fi psychedelic tones of ‘Bye the Sea’. The chilled melody of the track is edged with nostalgia and a light touch of psychedelia that makes you want to sit back and relax into the soundscape. His vocals add to the yearning for the great outdoors while covering you in a kaleidoscope of sounds.

Find out more about Kazaizen on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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