Kyns – The End (2020)

After several years of working behind the scenes as a label intern, assistant engineer, session musician and songwriter, Kyns is forging ahead with a solo career. Hailing from California, but now residing in Los Angeles, the US-based singer-songwriter is breeding a folk-rock meets pop sound. Despite her relative “newbie” status in the solo artist world, Kyns has featured in Lefuturewave, Buzz Music, Independent Music and A1234 gaining attention across the globe. The latest addition to her heart-melting repertoire is ‘The End’.

Following her critically acclaimed debut single ‘Lost’, Kyns is back with the endearing track ‘The End’. With the whimsical storytelling of Phoebe Bridgers and Lana Del Rey, ‘The End’ engages listeners in a swirl of sound. While the opening dreaminess lulls you into a false sense of security, it is the Kate Bush-esque obscurity of Kyns vocals that emanate vulnerability in this poignant ballad.

So, how is the ballad poignant – well, ‘The End’ touches on the delicate issues of anxiety, isolation, fear and confusion. Filled with raw honesty and sincerity, the dynamic instrumentation builds a wall of frustration which melts into haunting desperation in its elegant execution. While the flowing melody takes you on a journey from hazy ambience to indie-rock grittiness, it is the vocals adding elements of reflective nostalgia to the melancholic track. Charming and beautiful, ‘The End’ exposes the fragility of the human soul in a memorably innocent way.

For more from Kyns check out her official website, Instagram and Spotify.

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