Keeping It Real (ft. REISM, The Jamons, goldenbloom and many more)

It’s Easter Monday and time for our second instalment of “Keeping It Real”. Ranging from folk artists like John Crossan to punk-rockers Goldenbloom, here are some bands we think are totally keeping it real!


Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, John Crossan is a singer-songwriter creating melodic and powerful tunes by mere strumming his guitar. His latest album Just Be Good To Me was released in March 2020 exploring a range of issues from the consequences of bullying to feelings of enthusiasm. The track ‘2 Wheels & 3 Bottles’ is his expression of happiness in its purest form. An official video for ‘2 Wheels & 3 Bottles’ was released along with the track.

“My first single is called ‘2 Wheels & 3 Bottles’ and is about my girlfriend who goes swimming around Dublin at all times of the year with her bike and 3 bottles for water, coffee and milk.” – John Crossan on ‘2 Wheels & 3 Bottles’


Let’s face it, no one likes a runny nose. It’s annoying and a little gross if we’re completely honest. Released amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Theo Sayers punk-rap track may be quite infectious (did you see the pun?). Sayers describes the track ‘My Nose Is A Little Runny’ as a “reminder of the importance of good tissue etiquette.” Alongside the catchy tune, Sayers has released a highly informative music video demonstrating the effects of snot running down your face.

” ‘My Nose Is A Little Runny’ is a zany little track I wrote to remind people of the importance of good tissue etiquette. In this day and age that is how you to keep it real! ” – Theo Sayers on ‘My Nose Is A Little Runny’


Do you want a talented alt-rock foursome to blow your mind? May I introduce Elektric Animals. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, frontman Nick Sanders, guitarist Oscar Jara, bassist Jerrid Van Scoy and drummer Kyle Christy make up this innovative group. Bursting onto the scene in 2018 with their single ‘Vulnerable’, Elektric Animals have moved from strength to strength resulting in their 2020 sensation ‘Guillotine’. With Sanders effortless vocals, Jara’s powerful riffs, and some passionate performance from Van Scoy and Christy, this group is one to keep your eye on!

“Guillotine lyrically was written about the struggle with toxic masculinity. Giving into it at times and not understanding why.” – Elektric Animals on ‘Guillotine’


Irish/Canadian musician Keith Mosfet is the definition of an independent artist. Beginning his musical career in 2018 with several singles, the album Superficial Hypocrite in 2019, and now his most creative track to date ‘Breathe’. On this single, Mosfet continues to demonstrate his confidence as an artist using dynamic instrumentation and compelling lyrics. Reminiscent of Jack White, Cage The Elephant, Mosfet makes his music unique by adding synthesisers and a psychedelic twist.

“It’s fierce and almost old school in its approach and I love it for that. If love was a gun, I was her trigger. ‘Breathe’ alludes to contemplating whether I should be in a relationship or not. I realised that I needed a moment to breathe, relax and see if our feelings were genuine. I wrote ‘Breathe’ to inspire people to take time to reflect on themselves and their feelings before making decisions that involve the heart.” – Keith Mosfet on ‘Breathe’


Spünday was conceived after the group watched Melt Banana perform at Cardiff’s popular venue Clwb Ifor Bach. Seeing and hearing the effects of pedal madness and sonic mash-up, the group was inspired to push the bar on what a person can do with only a single bass, guitar and drums. Their debut single, released in March 2020, is a fiery, high-paced indie-rock track with musings of punk. Aptly named ‘Show Me Your Speedface’, this track will have you aching for a mosh pit!

” ‘Speedface’ presents us with the unlikely scenario of a meeting of minds between England’s former top speed monster, Mark E. Smith, a Kamikaze pilot and Jesus Christ, all realising they all have one thing in common. The Kamikazes were given meth as they were welded into their seats for their mission, the speed-freak worries about the next day when it comes around and Christ’s central tenets were to take no thought for tomorrow. I find once you create a scenario, however fantastic, if the characters are correct the song writes itself.” – Spünday on ‘Show Me Your Speedface’


The Jamons are a rock and roll foursome from sunny California, Los Angeles to be exact. Comprised of longtime friends, Kennedy (vocals/bass), Brandt Shandera (guitar/vocals), Chris Glaab (saxophone/keyboard) and Nicholas Romero (drums), The Jamons are one of the most innovative groups around.

The group was born in the 1990s as a teenage ska-punk band drawing influences from The Kinks, The Pixies, Elvis Costello and Fugazi – all very evident in their 1998 full-length album. After a 16 year hiatus, The Jamons returned in 2018 with a mini-tour and making the previously released ‘Beauty Bravura’ digitally downloadable for the first time. In 2019, the band began working on new material and 2020 saw the release of three singles, including ‘Mommy Long Legs’. ‘Mommy Long Legs’ is an upbeat, fun and catchy tune displaying The Jamons ability to infuse all types of genres into a three-minute track.

Kennedy (vocals/bass) has a wonderful ex-girlfriend who inspired much of the imagery.  As a group, we have many influences we draw from, and among them is the glam and electric-soul sound.  Having a saxophone/organ player makes writing and performing songs like ‘Mommy Long Legs’ super fun for us.” – The Jamons on ‘Mommy Long Legs’


Born in May 2019, goldenbloom is one of the most exciting up-and-coming punk artists on the London underground scene. A hard-hitting and passionate group, goldenbloom are reminiscent of The Sex Pistols and Buzzcocks. Combining the howling vocals of Jordan Walker, the guitar of Will Young, the bass of Johnny Brock and drumming skills of Justas Pugaciauskas, goldenbloom are enthusiastically questioning the status quo in Britain. Their latest release (Great) Britain is a song tiptoeing around the post-Brexit Britain mocking the clueless and disillusioned public.

“I wrote it because my parents voted for Brexit and because the country is the middle of social and political madness, but seems more worried about stuff like vegan sausage rolls.” – Jordan Walker (goldenbloom) on ‘(Great) Britain


Hailing from Copenhagen, the indie-rock trio The Great Dictators are spreading their experimental tracks far and wide. Combining the traditional indie-rock sounds but with a strong electronic vibe, The Great Dictators recently released ‘Creep For Life’. Inspired greatly by Kraftwerk and The Psychedelic Furs, Dragut Lugalzagosi, Christoffer Hein and Jakob Lundorff used their personal experiences to produce dramatic and eloquent singles.

“A brutally personal family anthem supported by pop sounds for aliens.”  – Dragut Lugalyagosi (The Great Dictators) on ‘Creep For Life’


Reism is a melodic metal band all the way from Haugesund, Norway. Comprised of Kirsten Jørgensen, Tom Poole-Kerr, Kim Lund and Wolfgang Ognøy, this female-fronted foursome shares their dynamic sound with fans worldwide. Similar to Flyleaf, Nightwish and Evanescence, the DIY band produce energetic material exploring many personal experiences. Dysthymia is the latest offering from Reism Dysthymia and is the result of a nine-year-long process becoming an open diary into Reism’s thoughts. The songs are largely autobiographical and deal with themes such as betrayal, grief, loss, depression and humanity’s selfishness and hopelessness.​


Hailing from Orange County, California, Shape Pitaki was formed in 2012. While the line-up took a couple of changes, the group is currently comprised of lead vocalist and guitarist Shane Thompson, lead guitarist Greg Johnson and drummer Mike Wilson. Described as an “eclectic rock group”, Shape Pitaki shows their influences from different genres and eras. Reminiscent of Arcade Fire, Jet, Weezer and Smashing Pumpkins, this is a band that will keep you guessing. Their latest release is ‘The Disease’ – a track about taking responsibility in finding the truth among an over-abundance of information.

” The Disease” was actually written a few years back with the frustration of a newly elected celebrity president, the water crisis in Flint, and the mass amount of information being spread through the internet whether factual or not. It tries to discuss the importance of relying on yourself for finding out the true information in this world. If we’re not careful, we might end up believing the sky is falling. It’s important to be individuals and think for yourself. “ – Shape Pitaki on ‘The Disease’

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