The Chase – Black Cloud (2021)

Are you in need of a single that offers a post-punk sound and a punch of high-octane energy? Well, you are in the right place as The Chase meets all your needs with ‘Black Cloud’. With a touch of Britpop, they bring a fusion of soul, rock and psychedelia to their post-punk sound for a single that rocks you from the first moment.

The pulse of energy that is this single comes from Tyler Heaney (vocals, guitar), Dion Heaney (drums), Luke Childs (bass) and James Cahill (keyboards). They started playing at a young age as a family trio consisting of the Heaney brothers and their cousin Childs. School friend Cahill rounded off the band which draws inspiration from their music from their roots and the music they love.

‘Black Cloud’ sets a loping pace in the opening before breaking into a full-out run. The guitars get your heart pounding while the beats make you want to go a little crazy as you listen. The keys have a cheeky feeling when they enter in the lower levels before you are caught up in the pulsing chorus. The energy of the music pumps through your veins and makes you want to have a good time to it. There are these little tones that come through that just add this extra blast of goodness to the music. However, the guitar riffs are really something to look out for as they blast their way across your brain.

The hyping energy of the single doesn’t end with the music. The vocals are as passionate and energetic as the melody. Heaney’s voice has a slight retro vibe to it as you are thrown into post-punk stylings, but there is a decidedly modern edge to things. This shines through not only in his voice but the melody that bolsters it.

The Chase have you bouncing to their high-octane energy with the tones of ‘Black Cloud’. The music takes off at a running pace while pumping you full of the vibrancy of the band. The vocals hit you with more of the post-punk stylings while enhancing the bouncing energy of the melody.

Find out more about The Chase on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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