Kevin Walsh – Embrace the World (2022)

Kevin Walsh is using his debut single ‘Embrace the World’ to provide a gesture of hope for autism awareness. Working with an eclectic mix of talented vocalists, he has created a supergroup style single that blends symphonic ballads with rock undertones and the unique layering of each voice. Joining Walsh on the single are Emma Langford, Ger O’Hanlon, Lisa Curran, Molly Lynch, Rebecca Houlihan, Stephen Gromley, Caroline Kay and Mark Daly.

While a mammoth undertaking for a debut single, the track offers a slice of what Walsh has to offer and shines the light on autism awareness. After being diagnosed at age 5 with autism, Walsh has faced many challenges in his quest to become a professional musician. All of these struggles have led to this track which is sure to sweep you away.

‘Embrace the World’ has an epic feeling to the opening swing of the guitar. The guitars lead you into an almost theatrical piano line that gently cups the vocals. As the piano line drives the verse, the rock touch of the guitar weaves through the background. The melody has an amazing arrangement that twines the delicate tones of the piano with the rising rock guitar. The drums rise beneath your feet and have you tumbling into the vocals. Each note of the melody has been carefully crafted to enhance the vocals in a way that only epic supergroup tracks can. Later in the track, the melody gains an almost orchestral edge through the pulsing of rich tones that lead you to the crescendo of the track.

While the melody is masterfully arranged, it is the vocals that are the real focus of the single. In the opening verse, the vocals are soft and tender as the lyrics are picked up by one vocalist after the other. It is like an introduction to each vocalist, while also drawing you into the important message of the track. As the single progresses, the power of the vocals build with the harmonised backing, creating a platform that rises into the air and lets the main vocal lines shine. Each vocalist adds their own unique touch to the track, from soft melodics to growling rock and a slight twang of folk. As the melody rises for the crescendo, the vocals join together to match and it is undeniably beautiful. The message of the lyrics shivers through your soul and have you embracing the connection we have with other people.

Kevin Walsh is joined by an eclectic collection of vocal talent for the epic supergroup tones of his debut single ‘Embrace the World’. The melody twines theatrical piano lines with swinging rock guitars that form the foundation for the vocals. Each vocalist has a moment to shine while combining their unique tones to form a beautiful message.

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