Track of the Day: Snakedoctors – Crime Story

While the majority of people were bunking down and dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, four friends in Poland perked up to create Snakedoctors. Formed in May 2020, the new wave meets grunge group use electronic instrumentation in their unique sound. With 16 singles, three albums and charting on Poland’s iTunes Rock Top 100, the lads have a discography to be proud of. Not only that, but they are turning heads across the globe with features on Edgar Allan Poets, Find No Enemy and various radio stations. The latest addition to their repertoire is ‘Crime Story’.

Hot on the heels of their tracks ‘Got Him Another Girl’ (read our review here) and ‘Idą Święta’, Snakedoctors adopt a strong post-punk vibe in ‘Crime Story’. Reminiscent of The Cure, there is an underlying darkness to the synths creating a hazy ambience. Yet, while the atmosphere is haunting, there is a boldness to the single with powerful vocals atop surreal instrumentation.

I’ll admit, as with 80s post-punk there is a sense of surrealism in the melodic arrangement. The thing is, despite the ethereal darkness, a sense of soothing sincerity exists. Perhaps this is the harmonic layering of the arrangement, but it certainly has a wistful obscurity.  

As with ‘Got Him Another Girl’, ‘Crime Story’ has an intimate intensity. The song engulfs a listener tossing them into a sonic whirlpool in which you can easily lose your head. What I truly enjoy is how ‘Crime Story’ differs from previous work showcasing the band’s versatility and innovation. Connecting with audiences on a deeper level, Snakedoctors slither into your soul with their latest track.

For more from Snakedoctors check out their official website, Instagram and Spotify.

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