Kevin Whitaker – Unpredictable Love (2022)

Finding a passion for music at a young age, singer-songwriter Kevin Whitaker surrounded himself with sound from the start. Influenced greatly by the euro-pop movement in his youth, his enthusiasm for music gained an eclectic slant. Now, Whitaker has embraced this passion releasing emotive music as a solo artist. While he has only a couple of tracks to his name, Whitaker is already reaching audiences beyond Pennsylvania with coverage on Music Era GH, Roadie Music, European Indie Music Network, Rock Era Magazine and many more. The latest addition to his growing repertoire is ‘Unpredictable Love’.

Following his debut single ‘Part of Me’ (released in late 2021), ‘Unpredictable Love’ merges elements of pop, alternative rock and pop-rock. Add Whitaker’s raspy, gruff and throaty vocal execution, and you have something that is both bubbly pop but heavy and hard-hitting. Reminding me of the 80s pop scene with well-layered synths and dynamic guitars, ‘Unpredictable Love’ has a toe-tapping element; however, while you might twirl about to the light-hearted melody there is a rougher edge to the track.

Reminiscent of artists like A-Ha and Depeche Mode, Kevin Whitaker adds an anthemic quality to ‘Unpredictable Love’. I mean, think about it, you might not even like A-Ha but ‘Take On Me’ is one of the most infectious, iconic songs from the 1980s. As with those bands way back when, Whitaker is on the way to creating something unique fusing gritty and glittering sound. According to Whitaker, ‘Unpredictable Love’ is “…spacious, pretty electric and [a] catchy character.” – we have to agree.

Soul-stirring, evocative and smile-inducing, the dancing flow of ‘Unpredictable Love’ brings a mixture of light and dark to the soundscape. This is only the sophomore single from Kevin Whitaker, and I can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve.

For more from Kevin Whitaker check out his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.  

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