Albert Freixas – Every Time We Fall (2021)

Albert Freixas offers us some help to overcome the unsettled times we are currently living through with ‘Every Time We Fall’. Through the sweet tones of the single, he encourages us to get out of our emotional comfort zones to better experience the love abundant in the world. With a dash of Americana, he opens our eyes to the affection that is all around us and that we often take for granted.

The single comes off his Chroma album and merges a folk core with subtle steel strings of Nashville. Over the years, Freixas has honed his skills as a singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist through solo music and playing in several projects. Having delved into every genre from pop to jazz, he brings the best elements of each to his sound for a unique listening experience.

The opening of ‘Every Time We Fall’ laps against your senses as the waves of the melody wash over your ears. Throughout the single, you can hear a merging of genres and styles that flow together for Freixas’ unique sound. There is a bounce that drives you forward with an almost bluesy smoothness. The steel guitar plucks through the soundscape for an alt-country vibe that adds an earthiness to the track.

While the melody is a delightful amalgamation of tones, it is really Freixas’ vocals that make the single. There is an easy slide to his performance that calls to your soul and effortlessly draws you into the contemplative lyrics. There is a lot packed into the track from feelings of love to the need to open ourselves to greater experiences. Woven into this is a touch f bittersweet emotion that deepens the breadth of the emotional experience of the track. The smoothness of his voice on the chorus makes you want to close your eyes and sink into his velveteen words.

Through the smooth tones of ‘Every Time We Fall’, Albert Freixas puts you under his smooth spell while opening your mind to new emotional experiences. The music brings a touch of country and Nashville to bluesy flows and untold musical depths. Resting on this is his vocal performance that is warm and engaging calling you to sink into it and happily lounge in the movements.

Find out more about Albert Freixas on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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