Kiah Rogers – Last Night (2020)

Kiah Rogers is telling a story that many people can relate to in his single ‘Last Night’. The RnB slide of the music combines with indulgent lyrics telling the tale of a man who experienced an amazing night with a woman and wants to have that every night going forward. With some heavy bass, the single throws you into the emotions of the narrative while enveloping you in Rogers’ sound.

While Rogers draws on the compositions of the 70s, there is a modern twist to his sound. Having only started releasing music in February 2020, he has shown that he is someone to watch. The hip-hop and soul fusion of his music is a joy to listen to as you hear his passion for the music.

The thrumming of the deep bass vibrates through your ears in the opening of ‘Last Night’. Engaging beats creep along the bass and have you thinking of sultry shades of dim lighting. There is a light electronic tone in the background of the track that adds a higher level to the smooth RnB slides of the music. A relatively simple melody, it gets your head moving while the vocals shine and you get drawn into the story of the lyrics.

Rogers’ vocals add to the depth of the melody and compliment the bass with a deep timbre. Through his performance, you are filled with the awe the man in the story felt and the yearning for more. His vocals have an interesting movement as the single feels like a duet at times. The deeper moments smoothly meet the lighter tones for an interesting interplay that brings the emotions of the track to life.

Kiah Rogers uses a relatable sense of wonder to bring the story of ‘Last Night’ to life. The RnB tones of the music are a sultry slide against your ears while his vocals draw you in with a wonderful depth. This depth is matched by the heavy bass that thrums through the lower levels of the single to vibrate deep in your chest.

Find out more about Kiah Rogers on his Soundcloud and Spotify.

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