The Woods – Conversations We Should’ve Had (2021)

The Woods touch on some of the toughest issues of the day with their delicate single ‘Conversations We Should’ve Had’. Taking on depression, anxiety and where they lead if you feel you can’t share what you are going through, it looks at the façade we portray and what is really going in inside. Contrasting the internal storm with a calm mask, the chilled electronica tones carry a mantra-like call to anyone who need it.

The one-man show behind the moniker moulds his classical training into atmospheric tones that swirl around your head. His debut EP in 2015 gained him airplay on BBC Introducing before he developed his live-looping instrumentation. The first taste of his new sound came in 2018 and he has been moving from strength to strength since then.

The shuffling beats of ‘Conversations We Should’ve Had’ fuse with chilled tones. The synth notes that pop around the soundscape are an interesting contrast to the chilled lower tones. This provides you with a sonic representation of the two sides of life that the single considers. The chilled electronic swell is the calm mask we present to people while the synth tones are the turmoil felt inside. Together they form an infectious melody that is relaxing while lightly getting your heart pumping.

The vocals are a slightly hazy line resting on the swelling chilled melody. The flow of the vocals has a mantra feeling on the verses before they soar on the chorus. The delivery has an imploring vibe as the lyrics call for help and say all the things that many people feel they can’t. The electronic-tinged backing vocals are like whispered doubts creeping through the background of the soundscape. There is a delicacy to the vocals that shine the light on the tough issue without any judgement.

The Woods uses a chilled soundscape and delicate vocals to take on tough issues with ‘Conversations We Should’ve Had’. The hazy vocals call out over the chilled swell of the melody looking for help. The popping synth tones bring a duality to the music as the single contrasts calm masks with the storm we feel inside.

Find out more about The Woods on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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