Kid Cuisine – Something Better (2020)

Kid Cuisine has created the ultimate lament of the solitude of the past few months with ‘Something Better’. Carrying a wave of space-rock stylings with intimate lyrics, the song perfectly encapsulates how many people feel about this year so far. While offering a small scope in terms of lyricism, it also lets you soar to altitudes you might not have visited in a while.

Andrew Farmer, the multi-instrumentalist behind the sound of Kid Cuisine, took complete control for this single. He recorded and produced everything himself including the accompanying music video. While you might remember him as the drummer from Sulky Boy, his new music will take you on a different path.

‘Something Better’ has a light guitar opening that slowly draws you into the single. This turns into a soft driving melody with these spacey notes hovering over the guitar. The shuffling beats below the guitars have you slowly moving forward. The melody has a very laidback psychedelic vibe to it. You can almost imagine lava lamps slowly moving when you listen to it. This vibe works perfectly with the lamenting lyrics that have this thread of depression and detachment to them.

Farmer’s vocals have a light hazy edge to them that create this cottonwool sensation. His performance really drives the emotions of the track home. The performance also carries this intimate tone like you are softly talking in the early hours of the morning. The abrupt end of the track takes you by surprise and somehow works perfectly with how everyone is feeling right now.

The music video for the single carries the almost psychedelic vibe of the track into visuals. There is a warning for flashing images and this video is not easy for people with photosensitivity to watch. Lyrics from the song warp in like paint in water against a combination of different backdrops. Some moments have nostalgic scenery while others have more acidic moving backgrounds.

Kid Cuisine offers up a lament of the solitude of the past few months with ‘Something Better’. The intimate lyrics and vocals help you connect with the track while the space-rock sounds send you into the atmosphere. The music video carries on the vibes, but can be hard for some people to watch.

Fid out more about Kid Cuisine on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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