Danny Wright – Reckless (2020)

A persistent and relentless force on the British pop-punk scene, Danny Wright is the epitome of emo in 2020. Reminiscent of old-school Panic At The Disco, Fall Out Boy and All Time Low, Wright touches on the challenges of modern society and its impact on the youth. Alluring and anthemic, this talented artist has received critical acclaim for his previous tracks including coverage on Nexus Music Blog, Rebel Noise and Indie Central Music. Now, Danny Wright adds another instant hit to his discography – ‘Reckless’.

Moving from the strong pop-punk/pop-rock vibe of ‘Broken Youth’, ‘Reckless’ incorporates elements of grunge ala Radiohead and Nirvana. Showing his versatility and flexibility in creating genre-bending singles, Wright releases some of his most ambitious work in this new single. Known for his insightful, reflective and strikingly honest lyrics, ‘Reckless’ touches on subjects of self-isolation and a need for escapism. Along with a disarming narrative, Wright paints an unnerving picture of the protagonist’s vulnerability and despair.

Combining his distinctive vocals with dynamic instrumentation, Danny Wright appeals to a broader audience with ‘Reckless’. With his gift for catchy choruses, huge hooks and bold voice, Wright remains the voice of a distressed generation.

For more from Danny Wright check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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