Kidd.Urth – Painting Pictures (2021)

Jazz and hip-hop are two musical genres that you won’t generally put together, but that is exactly what Kidd.Urth has done. Featuring Lily Francesca, his single ‘Painting Pictures’ is a mesmerizingly portrait of nostalgia and beauty. Plucking at the strings of happy memories, they help you centre yourself in a happy place and ride the light energy that comes from peace.

This beautifully blended soundscape brings a breath of fresh air to some old school hip-hop tones. The musical melting pot that Kidd.Urth creates is the creative result of a global upbringing and the metaphorical journey he has been on. While the single is stunning on its own, it also acts as a taster for his first EP being released later this year.

The opening tones of ‘Painting Pictures’ have a luxurious feeling to them like satin sliding against your skin. This only becomes more pronounced as the single progresses and the jazz tones rise from the depths of the clicking beats. There is a wonderful combination of styles and genres that flow into each other with perfection. The hip-hop beats are light as the jazz elements rippled over them. There is also a touch of RnB woven into the music which enhances Francesca’s vocals. The guitars that call out across the soundscape are great as they tug you toward the clicking and moving beats.

The melody has you sinking into a happy place full of softness while the vocals wash over you with their richness. Kidd.Urth’s vocals are a soft hip-hop flow that has your head moving to the beats. Francesca’s vocals are sultry and seductive with an edge of RnB that adds a softness to the emotions of the track. There is a lot of peaceful and gentle emotion woven into both performances that eases tension from your shoulders. Through the gentle movement of the vocals, you can feel your spirit centring itself.

Kidd.Urth with Lily Francesca ease the tension from your shoulders and help you rest in a happy place through the gentle tones of ‘Painting Pictures’. There is a wonderful combination of smooth hip-hop, gentle jazz and sultry RnB that weaves its way into your brain. This combination is enhanced by the vocals that are as captivating as they are soft.

Find out more about Kidd.Urth on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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