Blake Baker – Tea for Two (2021)

Blake Baker is sweeping listeners away on the waves of love in his debut single ‘Tea for Two’. With wistful lyrics and addictive acoustics, he takes you on an upbeat romantic adventure while filling you with hope and excitement for the future. Blending his soulful vocals with some tender lyrics, he has developed a unique style that perfectly combines folk and pop.

While this is his debut single, Baker has honed his acoustic skills and songwriting talents through the open mic scene. Using music as a cathartic release, he has moved from casual music nights to professional performances at venues and festivals. His personal blend of musicality draws on different influences and has you excited for what is still to come.

‘Tea for Two’ opens with a gentle acoustic guitar line that plucks at your senses and sets you on an easy and light path. The arrangement of the melody fills you with sunny days spent with a loved one and the tender blossoming of a new romance. As the beats softly make their presence known in the low levels, they delicately enhance the emotions of the lyrics. The guitar riffs have a whimsical feeling to them as they glint and dance around your head.

The acoustic melody is a wonderful accompaniment to Baker’s sweet vocals. His performance is packed with tenderness and a rather vulnerable honesty. Through his performance, he lays all his emotions out on the line in a way that makes you smile. You can feel the affection held in each word and this makes you feel so happy. It also makes you wish to find someone who cares about you as much as Baker does the person he is describing. The tenderness of the single is so wonderful and makes you want to sink into the emotions of the track again and again.

Blake Baker fills you with tender affection and warm emotions through the gentle tones of ‘Tea for Two’. Through the soft acoustic movements of the melody, he has you thinking about sunny days spent with loved ones and the happiness this brings. His vocals are a tender ode to the love and affection he feels for someone and is truly beautiful to listen to.

Find out more about Blake Baker on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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