Kinetix – White Oil (2021)

Raised on traditional Irish music playing instruments like the fiddle, banjo and bodhran, the Stones brothers made a mark in the Irish music scene. However, fate did not intend the Stones bros to stay within that genre; no, it did not. After winning 23 All-Ireland medals, the lads began showing an interest in electronic and pop music – this is where it all began. In 2017, Arthur, Theodore and Ademar Stones would form Kinetix and capture people’s attention with their ground-breaking sound.

It is impossible to compare Kinetix to specific artists, mainly because their combination of sub-genres is so unique. I will, however, say there are hints of Imagine Dragons, Elderbrook and Panic at the Disco throughout their melodies. Following their well-received track ‘isaidhey’, the trio move to a more upbeat and hard-hitting approach with ‘White Oil’. While their sound is heavily synth-laden, the transition in beat and melody showcases certain innovativeness as artists.

Using a contemporary drum and bass style, ‘White Oil’ immediately pushes you into a swirl of sound. Yet, the underlying pop tones enhance slight joviality in the tune. Not only is the song buoyant with an enthusiastic “fun” about it, there belies a more sentimental message. The by-product of the Covid-19 pandemic, one would assume a deep conversation about suffering, challenges and isolation, but it’s not the case. In fact, as Kinetix explains, they are “trying to convey a simple message in the song: it’s time to open up your arms and let people in.”

Bold and vibrant, Kinetix push people to avoid all the negative circumstances in this time of uncertainty and “let all that go and start living your life again”. A sonic representation of empowerment, self-expression and hopefulness, ‘White Oil’ exposes the fragility of humans and the ability to overcome desperation. It’s something we all need right now and Kinetix effortlessly connects with its listeners.

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