Crimson Lake – Rock’n’Roll (2020)

The fight against addiction can sometimes feel like a losing battle. Crimson Lake is here to offer you the support and boost you need to continue the battle with ‘Rock’n’Roll’. While the single delves into the despair of being trapped by vices and the struggle of recovery, it also brings the shining light of hope. This hope comes through the understanding that we shouldn’t berate ourselves for each failure as the road to recovery is a war, not battles.

Elijah Petty is the man creating the music and wrote this single after a 2-year hiatus. During this hiatus, he fell into his own spiral of bad coping mechanisms allowing him to draw on personal experience for the release. While the track is primarily about addiction, the message of being kind to yourself is one that we can all use in our lives.

Through the opening guitars, ‘Rock’n’Roll’ puts you into a somewhat depressed mood. There is a sombre feeling to the guitars that makes you think of the low points of life. The melody has a light rise on the chorus as the lyrics lay out Petty’s thoughts. As the song progresses, there is a lighter guitar line that enters. This brings a glimmer of hope to the song that makes you think that the future can be better.

As the melody brings the low points of addiction and the struggles of recovery, the vocals offer the emotional hits and details of the story. The confession in the first verse is an admission of a problem with alcohol. When the chorus hits, you are filled with the feeling that everything is just too much even as you know you need to move forward. While the lyrics paint a clear picture of the struggle of the single, it is Petty’s vocals that bring it to life. He is able to infuse so many emotions into his performance from feeling overwhelmed to knowing that he needs time to continue the battle.

Crimson Lake pulls you into the struggle that is the road to overcoming addiction while encouraging you to be kind to yourself with ‘Rock’n’Roll’. The melody moves through the low points before twinkling with a touch of hope for the future. There is a delightful understanding woven into his vocals that lets you know that taking your time in your own battle is okay.

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