Kipani – Stay In (2020)

Being at home often brings a sense of safety and security that you can’t really find anywhere else. These warm feelings swirl around you in ‘Stay In’ by Kipani. Taking a look at how home shields you from the harsh realities of the outside world, the single offers a new sonic direction for listeners. It also provides a glimpse into what Kipani has in store for us this year.

While the single was not intended to be released right now, the need to stay inside and find comfort at home spoke to the heart of the track. The airy and dreamy soundscape used for the single offers a different listening experience for everyone while highlighting what home means.

‘Stay In’ lightly shimmers to life with airy synths. There is an intimate and warm feeling to the melody that makes you think of a cosy blanket wrapped around you. The easy flow of the music continues throughout the single forming a comfortable atmosphere that you can relax in. As the music gently envelopes your senses, you get the feeling that you could easily close your eyes and shut out the rest of the world. The airy movements of the music are beautifully relaxing and you just feel so at ease as all the stress of the world slides off your shoulders.

Kipani’s complements the airy atmosphere of the melody with slightly hazy vocals. The dreamy vibes of her performance float through the intimate soundscape like afternoon sun lazily streaming through the windows. The harmonies in her performance enhance the comfort of the melody and pile more warmth onto you as she relaxes your soul. The chilled vibes of her performance also bolster the message of the lyrics and the feeling of safety they provide.

Kipani has you relaxing into a warm and comfortable soundscape with the airy melodies and dreamy vocals of ‘Stay In’. As you listen, you feel the stress of the world slide off your shoulders. The warmth of the soundscape is enhanced by her vocals which bring a sense of security.

Find out more about Kipani on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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