Halle Abadi – Fault Lines (2021)

For many people, self-love is often much harder than loving another. If you need a helping hand with accepting who you are and loving yourself, Halle Abadi is here for you with ‘Fault Lines’. An anthem of self-love, she mixed modern pop sensibilities with middle-eastern elements offering listeners support and a personal message.

A creative cross over of her culture and the music she loves, the single is unapologetic and soulful. Filling you with empowerment and resilience, she connects with her own journey of finding herself while putting listeners on the road to self-love. If this is the first single of hers you are listening to, it is a wonderful introduction to her blended and engaging sound.

‘Fault Lines’ ripples into your ears before hitting you with some middle-eastern inspired notes. There is a great beat to the melody that makes you want to move to it but it is not overpowering. The melody offers an almost sultry slide to it that fills you with a want to sway. While you are caught up in this feeling, the instrumentation perfectly blends urban tones with pop sensibilities and those middle-eastern notes. This comes together for an enthralling hook that you can’t help but give into.

As the melody grabs a hold of you, Abadi’s vocals are the real driving force of the track. The melody creates a foundation for her powerful and seductive tones. Through her performance, she pulls you into a tale of discovering and accepting who you are. Her performance has a seriously anthemic vibe that fills you with empowerment and helps you shed the need to prioritise others over yourself. The chorus has an RnB vibe that enhances the sultry slides of the music.

Halle Abadi fills you with a sense of empowerment and helps you accept yourself in the seductive and anthemic flows of ‘Fault Lines’. The melody perfectly combines middle eastern notes with pop sensibilities for a smooth slide across your senses. Her vocals are powerful as she helps you accept yourself and learn to love who you are.

Find out more about Halle Abadi on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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