Klashing Black – Willit? (2021)

Climate change is a serious problem that is getting more and more attention. Klashing Black are continuing the conversation about the climate with their single ‘Willit?’. Through the pop pulses of the single, they add their voices to the discussion about the future of our planet. While considering the topic in general, the band also looks at the importance of individual action to reduce our own negative impact on nature.

The twins behind the black, Kane and Kyle Benner, have been making music together since they were children. However, they only started making alternative pop tunes as a duo in 2017. With soaring guitars, punchy synths and clean drums, they create music that vibrates with life and vibrant energy.

The electronic pops in the opening of ‘Willit?’ grab your attention with a rather polite tap on the shoulder. This charmingly leads into the piano line that adds this delightful touch of organic life to the electronic soundscape. It is a wonderful combination of organic and electronic that somehow makes the messaging of the single more poignant. The organic tones ground you while the electronic notes have the potential to send you soaring into the air. All of this comes together for a melody that has your head swaying to the music.

As the melody bring organic and electronic contrasts, the vocals add a delicate innocence to the single. The tender authenticity of the vocals is bolstered by the charming flow of the music. The lyrics are an interesting argument for why everyone should pay attention to the climate and the impact we have on nature. It is worth taking the time to really listen to the lyrics before you get swept into the hazy catchiness of the chorus. There are some serious home truths resting in the single imparted in an easy to digest manner.

Klashing Black add their voice to the climate crisis conversation with a charming innocence and youthful energy of ‘Willit?’. With a charming melody, the duo lays out arguments for paying attention to the climate and the importance of individual action.

Find out more about Klashing Black on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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