Desert Bloom – Throw Me A Bone (2021)

Desert Bloom disguises taunts and frustration as dancing pop beats in ‘Throw Me A Bone’. With emotionally driven lyrics, the single lets out frustration and cynicism while creeping to a passionate ending. A real electronic pop earworm, the layered meaning and vibrant summery music leave you feeling satisfied with the release of emotions.

The single was almost discarded as an unusable voice memo but has evolved over a year into its alluring present state. Written in a moment of spite and frustration, Xavier Paul (drums, percussion, vocals), Kameron Salek (keys, bass, vocals) and Kennedy McClendon (guitar, vocals) maintain the balancing act of emotions and music throughout the track. The three long-time friends formed in their hometown and held their first performance at a High School Battle of the Bands.

‘Throw Me A Bone’ brings the warm and happy summer vibes from the first jangling tone. The vocals tones of people having fun only add to these vibes. Every element of the melody makes you think of warm summer days spent by the pool and having fun with friends. There is a slight warble in the low levels of the track before the music brings a dancing feeling for the chorus. You can easily imagine people singing this song late at night as they have fun with their friends at a party.

It is not only the melody that brings the party vibes to the single as the vocals add to this. The bouncing vocals hide the deeper meaning of the single which only shines when you really listen to the lyrics. The lyrics are packed with frustration, cynicism and taunts at someone in your life. The contrast of the music, lyrics and vocals is so wonderfully handled. The upbeat vibes slink into your brain before the bouncing vocals sink their hooks into you and make you move to the rhythm of the track.

Desert Bloom brings a wonderful contrast to your ears with the infectious tones of ‘Throw Me A Bone’. While the melody is upbeat and packed with summer party vibes, the lyrics are a different story. The frustration and taunting of the lyrics come through the vibrant vocals performance for a really enjoyable listening experience.

Find out more about Desert Bloom on their Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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