Koalra – We Can Scream (2020)

Experiencing trauma or heartache with another person can form a strong bond. These experiences and bonds are the basis of ‘We Can Scream’ by Koalra. The song continues the band’s fusion of fuzzy guitars, loose rhythms and energetic vibes. The final single before their full-length album The Wakes, it gets you into their groove and makes you excited for what is to come.

The four-piece draws on 90s influences and gained attention with their noise-fest debut album released in 2019. From there they have covered a range of genres from punk to noise pop. Rising from their friendship, the band offers a unique sound that you can’t really get enough of.

‘We Can Scream’ draws you in with a very groovy opening line full of pulsing tones and lighter guitar notes. This leads to the vocals which have a haziness to them. The vocal performance rests over the melody like a mist that is constantly swirling. While there is a haziness to the vocals, there is a pulsing energy that grabs you and will not let you. You don’t really know where the vocals are leading as they twirl around the soundscape, but they are very engaging.

Below the vocals is a loose melody that goes in a lot of different directions. While this could be disorientating, there is a common thread that holds everything together. This is a wonderful sonic representation of the bond between people who have gone through something traumatic together. The different lines of the melody act as the people while the common thread and vocals are the bond.

The accompanying music video uses abstract images to match the grooves and vibes of the music. These abstract images help free your imagination and mind to better connect with the music. The video is interesting to watch and could represent different things to different people.

Koalra considers the experiences and bonds people form when they experience trauma with others in the fuzzy and loose rhythms of ‘We Can Scream’. The single creates a wonderful sonic representation of the bonds and how they link people.

Find out more about Koalra on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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