Dora Lachaise – Bone Collector (2020)

Earlier this year, newspapers reported that guards at the British Museum hear strange noises and feel unexplained draughts at night. This led Dora Lachaise to consider what the deceased inhabitants of museums would say if they could speak. Her debut single ‘Bone Collector’ looks at this topic with a nod to the uncanny soundtracks for movies by Danny Elfman.

The somewhat creepy topic filters through your speakers with a whispered soundscape and the crispness of a beautifully clear night. If you are a fan of dark and cinematic music, this is the song you need to listen to. Mixing spookiness with innocence, shivers of unease run down your spine as you are drawn further and further into the single.

‘Bone Collector’ has an acoustic line in the opening that draws you into the darkly atmospheric melody. There are these strings that float up from the depths adding to the spooky overtones. The overall vibe of the melody has a whispered darkness to it. There is a swing to a more ghostly vibe as more strings are added and you can almost see this song being part of a movie as you enter a creepy mansion. At times there is a waltzing feeling to the melody like swirling dust in an abandoned building.

The creepy vibes are enhanced by Lachaise’s vocals which weave around you like a ghostly draft. The flow of her performance moves from an otherworldly siren call to a dark bouncing dance that draws you further into the deathly mists. Her voice sends shivers running down your spine and has you looking over your shoulder for the spooky wraiths her lyrics bring to mind.

Dora Lachaise fills you with creepy vibes as she sends shivers running down your spine with the beautiful spookiness of ‘Bone Collector’. The waltzing darkness of the track effortless draws you into the creepy mists of the melody. Her vocals brush against your senses like a chill wind in an abandoned building leaving you spooked yet utterly enthralled.

Find out more about Dora Lachaise on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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