Kristian Phillip Valentino – Blue Skies (2021)

Born and bred in Chicago, but now residing in North Carolina, Kristian Phillip Valentino is a US-based artist with a unique sound. Using his guitar and charming vocals, Valentino shows us the beauty of acoustic simplicity in his intimate soundscape. Featured on YMX, Iggy Magazine and several playlists, the singer-songwriter is building a following on an international scale. One of the latest additions to his moving discography is ‘Blue Skies’.

Influenced by the likes of Jason Isbell and Iron and Wine, Valentino encompasses diverse sounds into his eclectic music. Following his single ‘Something Else’, he retains the buoyancy of pop music but with the intimacy of folk. Released as one of the tracks from his upcoming concept album looking at the four seasons, ‘Blue Skies’ explores relationships according to spring, summer, autumn and winter. It starts in spring, blooms in summer, falls apart in autumn and ends in winter – a sort of natural progression that is not always preferable. I mean, who really wants to land up in a winter of discontent?

Soothing and calm, Valentino treats us to a sincere single with barebones instrumentation and warm vocals. The harmonic melody is not only pleasing to the ears but seems to explore human fragility in a sentimental way. Recorded in Kansas City with producer Claas P Jambor, the single and its eventual album is perfectly arranged with a moving delicacy. Personally, I can’t wait for more music from this talented singer.

For more from Kristian Phillip Valentino check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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