KOMO – Dawn (2021)

KOMO combine unique songwriting with the struggles of facing a serious illness for the journey of growth that is their debut EP Dawn. Through the four tracks of the EP, the duo delves into personal growth, self-discovery and the transition from adolescence to adulthood. While diving into these topics, they also provide a reality check against self-obsession.

While this is their debut EP, this unconventional electronic duo has been developing their sound for the last three years. Amy Larcombe (vocals) fuses her poetic lyricism with the synth and electronic sensibilities of Bryan Turner (guitar). Working out of their home studio, they crafted this EP by themselves and push the past back to take in new horizons.

The EP opens with the aptly titled ‘Prologue: Dawn’ which slowly draws you into the track and EP. The melody matches the title as it softly wakes against your senses with a dew feeling and the crispness of a new day. Larcombe’s vocals are delicate like the new flower buds in early spring. Through the lyrics, they offer a connection to those who are floundering and let you know you are not alone. The humming backing vocals and the depths of the strings add a depth to the track that is deeply touching and outstandingly beautiful. It is a wonderful way to open the EP and eases you into the themes of the songs.

‘Bloom’ has an earthier feeling to the opening with the acoustic guitar that gives way to the wobbling higher tones. While the opening track was a gentle awakening, this track brings an alt-pop feeling that wraps around a thread of pop-rock. There is a heavy feeling to the vocals as they ask some hard and serious questions. As the song progresses, there is a dance vibe that takes over and gets you moving to it. While the music has a heavier feeling, you are led to empowerment through the lyrics. Larcombe takes you through trials and tribulations only to show that you are stronger for the challenges you have faced.

The EP takes another turn in tone for ‘Horizon’ which is bright lights and ethereal vocals. This track really highlights the power of Larcombe’s vocals as she rises into the atmosphere before wrapping around you like silken ribbons. Beneath her vocals is a rather gentle melody that undulates with peaceful vibes. After the heaviness of the last track, this is a smooth dance through a meadow with the freedom that this can bring. While wrapping you in these light vibes, the song considers feelings of depression, sadness and loss of connections. There is a change in the tempo and vibes later in the track that you should look out for that adds this dynamic edge to the song.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Faith’ and its organic opening. The deep tones of the opening draw you down into the dusk of the vibes. The melody is packed with twilight tones as it marks the closing of the spring day that is the EP. Larcombe’s vocals match the grounded tones before rises and reaching out tendrils into the darkness. The organic instrumentation creates an amazing musical thread that weaves around her performance to make this song absolutely stunning. The lyrics are seriously worth a good listen to as they muse on the world and our place in it.

KOMO weave light tones around poetic lyrics before delving into earthy sounds and sombre musings through the tracks of Dawn. Each track on the EP has a different feeling but slot together for a delicate and emotive journey through the spring of life. Through the songs, the duo highlights their musicality and the delicate power of Larcombe’s vocals.

Find out more about KOMO on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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