KRISTOPHER – Liar (2021)

As the lead single off his upcoming debut EP, ‘Liar’ sets the tone and starts the emotional journey KRISTOPHER leads his listeners through. A single about self-reflection in the face of unrequited love, the track has you yearning for more. A personal song and start of a poignant story, it wraps his distinctive vocals over mesmerising musical arrangements.

With music that is personal and genuine, KRISTOPHER looks to inspire and help others with each song. Using empathetic lyrics covered in his orchestral experience and experience in musical theatre, he fills listeners with power and helps to heal through cathartic flows. If you are looking for a song that is easy to connect with and soaked in authenticity, this is the one for you.

‘Liar’ draws you into the reflective melody with the gentle flows of an acoustic guitar. Softly raising the guitar line is a pillow of orchestral tones. The guitar drops for a slightly melancholic piano line on the chorus. The melody has a real West End feeling to it and you would not be surprised if this song turned up in a musical. The richness of the orchestration fills your chest and has emotions welling in you. The soft flow of the music is there to bring the vocals to your attention and does so with an artful grace that is beautiful to hear.

KRISTOPHER’s vocals are as emotive as the melody while pulling you into the contemplations of the narrative. Through the opening verse, you are introduced to feelings of unrequited love before the chorus hits you with mournful self-deprecation. Through his performance, you are filled with sadness but there is a very light glimmer of something brighter as well. This glimmer is the start of the journey the rest of the upcoming EP will explore and makes you want to hear it more than ever.

KRISTOPHER fills you with the sad emotions of unrequited love before turning to self-deprecation in the raw flows of ‘Liar’. The single is an emotional one and will have you brimming with sadness and the feeling of wanting to cry. His raw and honest vocal performance cuts deep into your chest while the music raises his voice ever higher.

Find out more about KRISTOPHER on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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