The Oxford Drive Band – Hymn to My Republic (2021)

The Oxford Drive Band hit us with a wave of bluesy goodness with their single ‘You Don’t Know Me’. Now the band is back with a fresh wave of the good stuff with their single ‘Hymn to My Republic’. Adding a touch of retro styling to their bluesy tones, the band gets you hooked to their sound, if you weren’t already.

With a mesmerising lament resting in the music, Marian Godwin (vocals, rhythm guitar), Tod Gervich (lead guitar), Chris Deitzel (bass) and Tom O’Neil (drums) bring a beautiful flow of music to your ears. While this single is more melancholic than their last, it reminds us of all the reasons why we love their sound.

The guitar line that opens ‘Hymn to My Republic’ vibrates into your chest with a captivating flow. There is a dark bluesy feeling to the guitar that has a thread of Americana woven deep into it. The music has an unbelievable depth that threatens to overtake you as you get caught up in it. The higher guitar notes that pluck against your ears combine with the bottomless feeling of the music to create a textured and layered melody that you can’t get enough of.

As you are pulled deep into the melody, Godwin’s vocals are smoky with a hint of rasping gruffness. It is a perfect accompaniment to the bluesy melody as she adds a bit of roughness to the smooth flow. As with all their singles, you need to take some time to really listen to the lyrics. The lamenting poetry of the lyrics rests on your shoulders and draws you into a deep contemplation. This is a track you can easily listen to on repeat and only find something new to love each time you hear it.

The Oxford Drive Band continue to mesmerise with the bluesy smoky flows of ‘Hymn to My Republic’. The poetic depths of the lyrics are beautifully supported by the textured and captivating melody. Godwin’s vocals rasp against the smooth music to send you spiralling further under their spell.

Find out more about The Oxford Drive Band on their Instagram and Soundcloud.

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  • February 12, 2021 at 3:36 pm

    Claudia Mendes encapsulates what she hears in a way that describes our sound better than we ever could. She is obviously a gifted writer and we have since discovered so much amazing music through her thoughtful and insightful take on what she gets from listening with intent to all kinds of musicians.

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