Kuba Jasiecki – Ray Of Light (2020)

Kuba Jasiecki is a singer-songwriter and composer with a wide range showcased in his teenage theatre repertoire including Singin in The Rain and The Phantom of the Opera. Using this range, he is presenting the world with a fresh and lively take on pop music offering his own unique twist. While this was clear in his trilingual single ‘My Time’, his latest single ‘Ray Of Light’ drives the experience home.

The track is a splash of up-tempo Scandinavian elegance that is an effective treatment for any blues. The goal of the song is to lighten anyone’s day while the message is all about self-belief. The track is already gaining traction as it was chosen as the Official Borås Pride 2020 song.

‘Ray Of Light’ gets you into a party mood from the first note. There is a bright and uplifting melody to the song. There is a hint of schlager to the melody that is interesting when combined with the disco vibe of the song. The bouncy beat is so infectious and really makes you happy and gets you moving.

Jasiecki’s vocals are as light and fresh as the melody. He has amazing control as his voice soars over the melody and gets you to sing along. Lyrically, the song has an uplifting message and lets you know that things are going to get better. There is an elegance to the lyrics and how Jasiecki delivers them that makes this an unbelievably polished single.

There is an accompanying music video that is as fun to watch as the song is to listen to. It is a simple video, but the song is so strong that you don’t need more. What is great about the video is that anyone can watch it because there are no flashing lights that could be distracting.

Kuba Jasiecki gets you into a party mood with the bright and uplifting ‘Ray of Light’. The song has a bouncing beat and soaring vocals that make you feel good about yourself. The combination of pop, disco and Scandinavian schlager is interesting but works so well on the track.

Find out more about Kuba Jasiecki on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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