Mantis State – Lost Without A Trace (2020)

The saying goes that too many cooks can spoil a broth, but is this really true? Well, you really need to consider the type of broth and how many cooks are too many cooks. If the broth is Mantis State’s latest single ‘Lost Without A Trace’ then seven cooks is perfectly fine.

Hailing from Leeds, Mantis State is a seven-piece jazz band with some funk thrown in for good measure. With all seven members coming from different musical backgrounds one might imagine challenges when defining a band sound; however, this does not seem to be the case. At least, I don’t think it is the case considering how each member complements the other. Combining the traditional setup of guitars and drums with a keyboard and two saxophones, Mantis State has something quite intriguing. Oh yes, there’s a vocalist as well.

According to the band, they are inspired by artists like Stevie Wonder, Tame Impala, Jamiroquai and Supertramp and this is highly evident in their new single. Moving from the rock-influenced ‘How Could You’, ‘Lost Without A Trace’ is more funk-focused with an innovative pop twist. The dynamic instrumentation, particularly the saxophones, are easily interwoven with Cameron Bradbury’s exuberant vocals resulting in a captivating four-minute track. Well, it’s actually just under four minutes, but who’s looking at the time when listening to such an addictive track?

A well-arranged single with a bewitching brass section and empowering lyrics, ‘Lost Without A Trace’ is proof that Mantis State is breeding a new type of jazz-rock for the 21st century.

For more from Mantis State check out their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.  

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