Kylie Rothfield – Everyone Else (2021)

If you ever felt that you are not on the same wavelength as your friends and peers, you are not alone. Kylie Rothfield is right there with you and brings feeling different to life with the single ‘Everyone Else’. Through the track, she considers watching your friends walk a seemingly clear path while you diverge and chase your dreams.

While you might remember Rothfield from The Voice season 11 when she was the runner-up, she is now releasing music through her own indie label DVG Records. After recording part of the song in her spare bedroom, she had the chance to get into Johnny Depp’s studio to finish it off. While her current experiences are beyond most people, this single is so relatable and you feel like Rothfield knows you on a deep level.

Rothfield’s vocals draw you into ‘Everyone Else’ with the ease of a friendly conversation. The lyrics are packed with all the things your friends are doing that are in line with what society wants. There is a touch of melancholy to her vocals as she wishes for the paths she and her friends are on to be closer. Her voice has a really tender feeling as she considers what makes her different to everyone else. There is an almost bittersweet feeling to her performance as she reminisces and questions why their paths differ. While there are these sad emotions, there is an interesting touch of good vibes woven rather artfully into the contemplation.

Resting below Rothfield’s emotive vocals is a really delicate melody. Each element of the melody is a light touch that tickles your brain and has you riding the emotions of her performance. The beats that come in tug at your senses before rolling into the chorus. There is an increase in the music on the chorus that bolsters that thread of good vibes.

Kylie Rothfield captures the bittersweet feelings of realising you are on a different path in life to your friends through the delicate tones of ‘Everyone Else’. Her vocals are the star of the single as she pulls you into her thoughts and fills you with the emotions they invoke. The melody is a soft foundation that bolsters the vocals and brings a touch of nostalgia.

Find out more about Kylie Rothfield on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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