La Sanyea Dengue – Dimensional Mystery Tour (2021)

La Sanyea Dengue is taking listeners on a stormy rollercoaster of a ride with their EP Dimensional Mystery Tour. With five tracks packed with heavy tones and blistering rock, the band takes you on a journey into the darkest depths of Nangijala. Bringing darkness with a punch of addictive energy, they have you rocking out to their sound while enjoying the spiral they take you on.

This four-piece band from Borlänge, Sweden bring a Nordic edge to their hard rock sound that is an absolute pleasure to hear. From the pounding tones to the soaring guitars, they have you flying across landscapes and sinking into wonderful soundscapes. If you are looking for an EP that takes you on an unforgettable journey, this is the one for you.

‘Obsession’ opens the EP with thumping beats and vibrating tones that turn into paced guitars. The melody is energetic as it thrums through your veins and makes you want to jump around to it. The vocals pack an interesting and slightly vibrating punch. They pull you into the single then fling you into the guitars to ride the waves of sound. The energy of the music is picked up by the vocals and shaken to new levels that make you want to shout out with the band on the chorus. Later in the track, there is a slight dip in the pace that adds texture to the track and gives you another reason to jump around.

The building tones of ‘Naked Flying Acid Warrior’ slowly gets your heart racing with a strange tension through the low levels of the music. The layers of sound create a fertile soundscape for the seeds of your imagination to take root. The different melodic elements add to the tapestry of sound forming the foundation that the vocals rest on. The vocals have a classic rock edge to them as they pull you into the story of the song. There is a serious touch of mythology woven into this track that is brought to vibrant life with the changes in the melody. It is a wonderfully dynamic track that moves through your senses with precision.

‘Love Pill (2021 Mix)’ thrums into your senses before you run down the soundscape with the pace of the vocals. There is an almost frenetic energy threaded into both the guitars and the vocals that fill you with the energy of the opening track that got you jumping around. This track brings a heavier hit of punk to the soundscape making you think of underground clubs where the music blares and you just let loose. As you listen, you feel the urge to turn up the volume and really rock out without a care in the world. The vocals move from punchy punk to a more melodic slide that is absolutely wonderful.

The title track ‘Dimensional Mystery Tour’ has a slightly eery opening that turns into a creeping feeling. You can imagine the vocals weaving through dark streets that are strangely deserted. The vocals add to the eery and fantastical feeling of the music. There is a touch of acid wash to the track that has dripping walls mixing with a serious punk-rock vibe. The lyrics are a lot of fun to listen to and will stick in your brain letting you talk to aliens long after the track has ended. The moments of warbling sound add a sense of otherworldliness to the track before you are sent soaring on the addictive guitar riffs.

The EP closes with ‘Doggystyle’ which has a more sombre and grounded opening than the rest of the EP. The deep guitars and low drums have your feet firmly on the ground after the soaring of the last track. The vocals call out like the mists of the forest on a moonlit night. There is a strange sense of freedom to the track that fuses with the splashes of darkness. This is the perfect way to end the EP both sonically and lyrically. There are punches of guitar that get you swaying to them while the vocals have you closing your eyes and giving into their movement.

La Sanyea Dengue hit the ground running and don’t let up for a moment in the spiralling rollercoaster of sound that is Dimensional Mystery Tour. While each track has their punch of sound, they are unique in the way they hit your ears and emotions. From darkness to freedom and everything in between, the track captivates you while making you want to move to the beat.

Find out more about La Sanyea Dengue on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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