Loose Ends – Tell God You Were Framed (2021)

Some punk fans are still firmly clinging to the times when all it took was pick up your instruments, maybe for the third time in your life, shout “one, two, three, four” and release all the energy you’ve got. Punk-rock has in the meantime also become punk-pop, modern garage-rock, and quite a few other things. A lot of it has become too commercial for the true fans who are of the opinion that the original impetus and energy are missing. On the other hand though, in many cases, instrumental ineptitude is long gone; punk has diversified and in best (musical) cases that energy and flow are still quite present. The combination of the two can actually bring on some quite exciting music.

This brings us to Ft. Worth, Texas quartet Loose Ends. On their first EP, Tell God You Were Framed, Andy Rodesney, Kyle Durst, Ben Wesson and Matt Lang seem to be able to conjure both some nifty instrumental playing with the energy and impetus that is so essential for punk. While ‘old purists’ usually shy away from what is called punk-pop, championed by the likes of really big names today like Green Day and Yellowcard, the fans of the mentioned bands should grab Loose Ends with both hands (and ears).

Yet, Loose Ends are able to handle the theme with ease and aplomb. From the really catchy introduction of ‘Wolves’ to ‘Home Alone’ and ‘Last Call of Moderation’ that follow suit to seemingly more subdued ‘The Same’ and power-pop of the closing ‘Love In Heartache’. The band show all the traits of any modern rock, punk or otherwise should possess – songwriting, instrumental and vocal capability, but also musical diversity within a set musical genre. ‘Last Call of Moderation’ shows that Loose Ends haven’t actually left any (real loose ends).

For more from Loose Ends check out their Instagram and Spotify.

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