SUNKIN – Short and Sweet (2021)

Are you in the mood for sweeping soundscapes and poetic lyrics set to a combination of rock and anthemic pop? Well, SUNKIN is here to meet your needs with their single ‘Short and Sweet’. With a blended soundscape that captures melodic nuances and thoughtful vibes, the single has you sinking into their sound.

The mix of vibes has been carefully crafted by Joe Ferdinand (vocals, guitar), Hector Cottam (drums, keys, vocals) and Declan Brown (bass). Ferdinand and Cottam met while at university and got to know Brown through mutual friends. They instantly formed a strong musical partnership based on a shared love for music and influences including Pink Floyd, Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley. Together, they have taken these influences, moulded them with passion and poured out a uniquely captivating sound.

‘Short and Sweet’ progressively enters your ears with a light swell that drops for tender tones. There is a lightness to the opening melody as the guitars jangle in the atmosphere. The melody has an interesting mixture of sweeping undertones that lead your senses out in the world while the guitars pull you close for an intimate feeling. As the song progresses, the music picks a melodic flow that bolsters the emotions of the vocals. Through the melding of sounds, you get a touch of rock with a splash of alt-pop.

The tender tones of the opening are complemented by Ferdinand’s vocals. His voice has a slight rasp as he confides through the lyrics. While there is a poetry to the lyrics, they have a delightful clarity and depth of emotion. They are easy to connect with because they are like the words of a friend who is lifting your spirits. When the melodic flow really hits the melody, his voice rises to match before tugging at your heart.

SUNKIN have you riding an emotional wave through a sweeping soundscape and emotive vocals in ‘Short and Sweet’. There is a tenderness resting in the single that is enhanced by the delicate nuances of the melody. The vocals bring a tug to the heartstrings and offering a connection with the poetic lyrics.

Find out more about SUNKIN on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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