Lavender Honey – Need Your Love (2022)

All of us have faced inner doubts at some point and struggled with the fight against these internal demons. These struggles have been woven into ‘Need Your Love’, the debut single from Lavender Honey. While focussing on some dark emotions, the single offers a dreamy tone with a light dusting of euphoria.

Drawing on Inspiration from Dayglow and Mac DeMarco, Daniel Thompson, the man behind the music, adds his own touch to the tones. A completely DIY production, this debut single not only introduces us to his sound but also connects us through someone much deeper. By the end of the track, you will be eager to hear more from him while feeling ready to face your inner demons.

‘Need Your Love’ uses light twinkling tones to get your attention and lead you down the path of the single. The twinkle of the tones in the opening creates a light and bright feeling to the music that bolsters your spirits and fills you with sparkling energy. The beats are quite gentle as they urge you to sway and bop to their rhythm. At times, the music ripples out into the distance with a dreamy sigh. The melody is delicate and offers glints of euphoria waiting for you to just grab onto it. There is a rich mixture of instrumentation forming a pastel kaleidoscope around your senses.

Reaching through the haze of pastel clouds are Thompson’s vocals that enhance the dream-pop flow of the track. There is a tender echo to his performance that backs up the main vocal line increasing its power. The delicate touch of his voice makes the consideration of darker emotions and struggles easier to handle. There is a light plea for support from loved ones woven into his performance which is matched by the acknowledgement of what he has been going through emotionally. Everything in the track comes together for an exhale letting go of negativity and providing the path to fight against the doubts and demons inside.

Lavender Honey uses his debut single ‘Need Your Love’ to draw you through a kaleidoscope of pastel colours and inner doubts. The melody twinkles with a delicate gentleness that fills you with good vibes. His vocals are a dreamy sigh against the music as he considers the need for support from others and acknowledges the emotions we all face at some point.

Find out more about Lavender Honey on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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