Scott Rocco – Southern Love (2021)

Through the entrancing melody of ‘Wish You Well’, Scott Rocco shared his tender and sensitive side while touching on acceptance, empowerment and revival. His single ‘Southern Love’ is just as powerful in a rather different way as he considers the relationships that change who we are. Inspired by his own past relationship with a special person from Austin, he looks at rediscovering yourself after you part ways.

While there is a touch of sadness through the parting, Rocco tempers this with the knowledge that love remains eternal. Continuing his heartfelt and raw rock sound, his underdog spirit is woven into the notes while he plucks at your heartstrings. Inspiring and enlightening, his music fills you with the positive vibes of love.

Rocco’s vocals instantly draw you into the story of ’Southern Love’ from the first second. From the first second of the track, he has you sinking into a moment in time that. His performance has a tinge of country to it but is so powerful as it calls out across the warm open air. The lyrics touch on the pain of a parting but tempers the sadness with the knowledge that the breakup is the right thing for both parties. His performance is amazingly emotive as he fills your chest with the affection he held for someone and the slow realisation that he has changed due to the relationship for the better. As the vocals move on from the relationship, he rediscovers himself and there is a wonderful feeling of peace with who he now is.

The powerful vocal performance is taken to greater heights by the melody the acts as a springboard for Rocco to take off from. The light acoustic guitar tones that fill the opening of the melody brings a touch of nostalgia to the track. This line is washed over by the rest of the instrumentation to bring a richer soundscape that picks up the country edge from his vocals and runs with it. There is a delicate blending of rock and country in the music that drops dramatically for powerful emotive vocal calls.

Scott Rocco draws you into the story of ‘Southern Love’ with ease as his powerful vocals soar through your senses and fill you with the emotions of the track. With lyrics that drop you into the moment and fill you with the journey of rediscovery, his vocals send emotions soaring through your veins. The melody bolsters the vocal performance perfectly before dropping to let the powerful calls shine.

Find out more about Scott Rocco on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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