Lazer Beam – Take Me Home (2019)

Lazer Beam is using deep grooves and danceable beats to tell a drunken one-night stand love story in ‘Take Me Home’. The single tells the tale of wearing beer goggles while at a dingy bar and everything this entails. The punchy track offers witty lyrics and an irresistible presence that you will want to get into.

The single was the debut for the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Lucust French. Growing up in the desert shaped the musical style French offers with a touch of 80s gothic merged with the pounding beats of hard rock. This all combines to create the desert stoner sounds that Lazer Beam is becoming known for.

‘Take Me Home’ hits you with beams of pulsing tones before the deep synths form a solid foundation with the moving beats. The guitar that comes in vibrates through your chest before a gentler melodic line tones everything down. There is an interesting combination of stoner rock tones with synth pulses and heavier rock sensibilities in the music. This creates a rather infectious soundscape that you can easily get down to. The music sends you out into the sands of the desert for a party that you will never want to leave.

While the music is pushing you into the desert, the vocals and lyrics take you in a different direction. There is a hazy edge to the vocals as French lays out the scene. The lyrics have an amazing storytelling quality that vividly paints the picture of the tale. As he works through the lyrics, you are filled with the hazy emotions of a night thinking you are in love only for sobriety to inevitably set in.

Lazer Beam hits you with a mixture of desert stoner rock, synths and storytelling lyrics for the infectious party that is ‘Take Me Home’. The pulses of the melody send you out into the sands as you get down to the rhythm while the vocals paint a vivid picture. It is an extremely easy single that really gets you hooked to his sound.

Find out more about Lazer Beam on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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