Lea Kay ft. Nick Richards – The More I Learn (2021)

Drawing from her Polish heritage, singer-songwriter Lea Kay has a unique, intimate and intriguing sound. Born in Poland, but now residing in the UK, Kay has worked with producer Pilo Adami, musician Nick Richards, rapper Jay Beat and film director James Webber. Oddly enough, this all took place in a single year as she burst onto the scene during 2020. With her strong online presence, Lea Kay has been featured on BBC Radio London, FV Music Blog and several online radios. Coming together with jazz performer Nick Richards, Lea Kay releases her new single ‘The More I Learn’.

Following her heartwarming pop single ‘Movin”, Lea Kay adopts a jazzier style in ‘The More I Learn’. More upbeat, but with a languidness, the toe-tapping single captivates the senses plunging you into a warm swirl of sound. Similar to her earlier work, ‘The More I Learn’ has a harmonic smoothness to the melody; however, the jazz-inspired roots bring a bounce to the melody.

Reminiscent of Florence Welch and Sade, Lea Kay elegantly executes the poetic lyricism with ease. The dulcet tones add tenderness to ‘The More I Learn’, yet it is the contribution of Nick Richards’s sax and warm vocals that slicks the single with a subtle sensuality. His charming vocals and saxophone bring a George Benson-esque sound to ‘The More I Learn’ – something you cannot help fall in love with.

As much as I try, I can’t adequately describe Lea Kay’s sound. What I can say is ‘The More I Learn’ is a delicious experience covered in dark chocolate with an insatiable kick.

For more from Lea Kay check out her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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