Brenna Erickson – One Hundred (2021)

Striving for perfection is something a lot of people fall into even though this is realistically unachievable. If you feel yourself spiral into this search for perfection, Brenna Erickson is here to pull you out with ‘One Hundred’. Through the single, she reminds herself and listeners that it is okay to have bad days and not be 100% all the time. She also encourages us to reach out to our support systems when we need them.

Written from the view of someone wanting to help a struggling loved one, she fills you with the emotions of those who watch the endless spiral. Using her musical experience, she holds your hand through the turbulent emotions of the song while filling you with good vibes. Recorded and produced as a solo project, the song has a wonderful personal touch to it.

‘One Hundred’ uses a stop-start opening to get your attention and hook you into the soundscape. The electronic tones in the melody rise before retreating only to turn into a more melodic flow as the single progresses. There is a unique movement to the music that is soft, shivering and deep. There are a few different elements that come through the soundscape to form the almost dreamy backing for her vocals.

Erickson’s vocals are a delicate touch that dances over the electronic tones of the music. The lightness of the voice acts as glittering lights that sparkle through your brain while reaching out a helping hand. While twinkling in your brain, her vocals cut through the downward spiral you might be in with a touching reminder that it is okay to not be okay. As you listen, you will be reminded of all the people who care about you and feel the urge to connect with them.

Brenna Erickson lets you know that you can have bad days and that there are people who want to help in ‘One Hundred’. To bring this message to your ears, she has artfully combined a unique melody with her delicate vocals. A touching fusion, she reaches out her hand letting you grab hold and find the peace you need.

Find out more about Brenna Erickson on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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