Leche Guy – U N ME (2022)

The brainchild of US-based artist Chris Gallardo, Leche Guy blends elements of rock, disco, pop and funk into a genre-bending sound. As with many artists, Gallardo used music as a means of self-expression – a catharsis to deal with daily struggles. It’s grand that he did because now the masses know about his natural musical talent. Come with us as we look at his debut single ‘U N ME’.


Describing his musical journey as one that “revolves around overcoming everything plaguing my mental and spiritual state”, Gallardo aimed to achieve self-growth with his material. Unfortunately, he became involved in a toxic relationship that stymied his creativity, but the breakup (and years of isolation) led to euphoric sonic creativity. In ‘U N ME’, Gallardo fuses old-school funk with contemporary pop edginess. Tugging at my memories of Earth, Wind and Fire, Leche Guy has a unique obscurity.

With chilled vibes and a groovy ambience, Gallardo breaks through the soundscape with an eclectic burst. A melodic arrangement of guitar and drums brings a full-bodied sound, but there is a distorted quality that really gets your head bopping. I doubt distortion is often considered moving, but it flows in Gallardo’s retro vibes.

When speaking about ‘U N ME’, Gallardo shares that it is a representation of his diverse influences. He notes that ‘U N ME’ was not initially viewed as a single until he began messing about with material on Logic Pro X until “suddenly the pieces came together, and I recognised the hit…” It appears to be a long time in the making, but I’m happy Gallardo brought this single to our world.

For more from Leche Guy check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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