PENELOPE – Jelly (2022)

PENELOPE was unapologetic in her performance with ‘FUCK BOI’ as she took power back after a bad breakup and built up strength. She continues this unapologetic burst of strength with ‘Jelly’, a fun, driving and electric track that makes you want to dance and strut your stuff. Inspired by the haters who constantly try to put you down, she hits out with a catchy flow and reminds you that they might be jealous of you being authentically you.

Infusing pop with some electric house, the track brings PENELOPE’s sassy vibes and empowering energy to a beat that has you shaking on the dancefloor. If you have ever been brought down by people, this is the anthem for your soul and a way for you to shake off what they have to say. This song is PENELOPE in her element as she stands proud and fills listeners with the strength to stand with her.

‘Jelly’ hits you with the dance vibes from the first moment. There is no moment to get used to the energy as it vibrates through your bones and gets your muscles moving to it. While the music coils through your muscles, the beat has you bouncing to the rhythm. The dance vibes are heavy and you can’t stop moving, but there is also this sassy attitude that flips through the music. The melody is an instant dancefloor pleaser that infuses attitude into each note, while getting you moving without a care in the world. It is also a sound that you want to blare from your speakers, not caring what anyone has to say.

While the melody is getting you moving to its extremely infectious sound, PENELOPE’s vocals are an unapologetic smirk and attitude heavy knock out. Her vocals enter with a dance vibe before hitting out at people who always look for something to critique others over. As the melody pulses with dance vibes in the chorus, her vocals confront the jealous people in the world with a delightfully authentic blast. As the single progresses, her vocals are an attitude packed strut that fills you with the confidence to be who you are. You are also going to be singing this song for a long time after it has ended because it is entirely too catchy for its own good.

PENELOPE struts into your ears with an attitude infused push at the haters who try to bring you down with their jealousy in ‘Jelly’. The single is packed with dance energy that has you moving to the beat and turning up the volume. PENELOPE’s vocals are sassy and utter authentic perfection as she fills you with the confidence to be yourself.

Find out more about PENELOPE on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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