Left With Pictures – Terra Firma (2016)

“You only have one life, so you should enjoy it to the max!” – how many times have you heard that phrase, maybe not those exact words but something with a similar meaning. I believe it’s both inspirational and disheartening for many people in privileged society because we have the opportunity, but do we have the guts to deal with the consequences (when you actually think about consequences)? This little philosophical, yet quite practical, problem is the basis of Left With Pictures’ latest single ‘Terra Firma’; and may possibly be the reason why it left me dumbfounded after at least three taps of the repeat button.

The track begins with quite smooth and simplistic vocals accompanied by a piano composition which was quite welcome considering the alt rock blaring through my eardrums a moment before. Lyrics speaking of Blitzkrieg, a hearse – all a portrayal of the negative perception a person may have when facing their unfulfilling life; yet, the most intriguing part of the song appears with the swell of strings and an easy movement from orchestral sublime to flowing synths. I found this interesting as it illustrates not only Left With Pictures’ ability to embrace different genres, but also their ability to meld the two making it hypnotic.

Melding the two. Crafty production? Perhaps; most likely. Yet, if we take the contemplative lyric: ” It’s easy to go on without a life you know nothing about, when you spend your days at the water’s edge”, it may be more. By changing styles, the talented trio show that it may be easier to continue life as you know it; despite having come across that desire to make a change, particularly as you are unsure of all that should come. The angelic and ethereal vocal backings atop the synths present an idea that if you should jump into the unknown it’s not always necessary to leave everything behind you. Taking a little bit of yourself might be worthwhile to deal with the potential monsters lurking ahead.

The song is about rebirth, I think; but interpretation is always subjective and if you believe I’m off my rocker I can promise the track will stir similar emotions at least. ‘Terra Firma’ is a song that will lift you from dry land, guide you through a supernatural haze, and drop you down leaving you breathless and tearful (if you’re having a really bad day). I’ve not listened to the upcoming album Afterlife, out in April 2016, but the intelligent production, obviously trained instrumental, and divine choir makes me curious to see what Left With Pictures has up their sleeve.



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