Leo – Helicopter Leaves (2022)

Drawing on his own experience of recent heartbreak, Leo reminisces about the simple joy of spending time with a past lover in ‘Helicopter Leaves’. Tapping into his own memories, he brings images of walking around in autumn and watching helicopter leaves spiral down from the trees. These leaves are used to foreshadow the heartbreak and end of the relationship that is waiting for his past self.

While there is a very personal touch to the music and lyrics, the emotions artfully woven into the sound are universal. Leo has been working through emotions through music since he first discovered his passion for it at age 14. Since high school, he has been releasing music and overcoming the negative moments of life to rise above and expand his audience and the subjects his music covers.

‘Helicopter Leaves’ has a nostalgic vibe to the music from the first moment. The guitar tone has you closing your eyes and casting your mind back in time to fond memories. As the light bop of the main melodic line hits, you will feel yourself gently bouncing from side to side with the movement. It is an amazing combination of RnB, soul and pop that fills your brain with autumnal colours. You can feel the slight chill in the air while the scent of falling leaves drifts into your brain. The music is packed with happy memories and fond affection that makes the reality of everything more bittersweet when it finally hits.

While the melody has you sinking into fond memories, Leo’s vocals bring both happy vibes and bittersweet heartbreak. As he delves into memories of walking around in the weakening autumn sun, his vocals are packed with an easy happiness. There is a feeling that everything will be great forever at these times. This turns into a pain-filled movement as the relationship starts to spiral into a breakup. Leo is able to perfectly contrast the emotions of the track for a relatable movement from happiness to the pain of heartbreak. The chorus is rich in imagery and the knowledge that certain events remind you of the better times.

Leo throws you back into fond memories, before the pain of reality tugs at the corner of your mind through the rich tones of ‘Helicopter Leaves’. The melody is packed with autumnal vibes and happy memories only to feel the chilled touch of reality in the higher levels. His vocals are packed with emotion as he fills your chest with affection, only to spiral like helicopter leaves into heartache.

Find out more about Leo on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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