Galaxy Thief – Timewaster (2022)

Galaxy Thief packed a chanting punch with their single ‘Free’ that showcased their evolving sound and pure musicality. The grittier turn of their sound with new frontman Rhys Messenger continues through ‘Timewaster’ as they bring forth the warning voice of time. Through the single, they hold up a mirror and view a reckless life being frittered away without any consideration for the consequences.

As the voice of time, the single talks to those who build a house of cards on sand, and looks at how that which is squandered can never be regained. While handling a rather deep topic, the single flairs with sparks of 80s vibes that burn into something more modern. This newer sound carries the touch of the anthemic and quickly lets you know why they are fast becoming a rock band to look out for.

‘Timewaster’ carefully pulls you into the toe-tapping vibes of the music. The thrum of the guitars has you tapping away to the rhythm, before they slide into a twinkling river of sound. There is a moving flow to the music that hooks you to the single and makes you want to move around to the sound. While there is a grittier tone to the music compared to the band’s early work, there is a lighter indie rock touch that makes it really addictive. The infectious flow of the guitars into the lighter sparkles has been masterfully crafted and perfectly picks up the vocals for a great listening experience.

As you bop and vibe down the melody, Messenger’s vocals slide into the track with a graceful ease. There is something about his voice that grabs your attention and will not let it drift. He effortlessly draws you into the lyrics as they use the voice of time to warn those who fritter life away. While there is a cautionary note to the vocals, there is also an acknowledgement of what these people are feeling. As you are drawn into the chorus, you feel a shakeup happening in your chest, telling you to focus and make the most of the time you have. Later in the track, his voice rises with this call and bursts into a really great guitar riff.

Galaxy Thief gets you hooked to their addictive sound while offering a word of warning to those fritting their lives away in ‘Timewaster’. The music carefully sinks its hooks in with a toe-tapping vibe that builds into an infectious flow. Messenger’s vocals are smooth as they draw you into the word of warning in the lyrics.

Find out more about Galaxy Thief on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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