Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Gemini (2021)

Friendship and love are two vast emotions that can feel overwhelming at times but often filter into our daily lives as a small feeling now and then. When this happens, we start to forget how impossible it can be to find someone to share these emotions with forever. This is something that Letting Up Despite Great Faults is looking to avoid while bringing the idea of being together forever to our ears in ‘Gemini’.

While the single focuses on sharing love or friendship with someone forever, it uses amazing sonic devices to create the peace these emotions bring. The beautiful musical world of the band was first created by Mike Lee who traded acoustic tones for richer soundscapes. After releasing his first EP, he found Kent Zambrana (bass) on Craigslist before Daniel Schmidt (drums) and Annah Fisette (guitar, keys, vocals) joined. Together they create dreamy soundscapes rich in tone and stories.

‘Gemini’ sweeps into your senses with a wash of dreamy electronic tones. There is a softness to the soundscape that rests under a slightly textured feeling which makes for a really engaging listening experience. The wash of the music has rich depths that grow as the single progresses. The sweep of the opening propels you through the track while the higher tones bring a sense of wonder. Through the soundscape, the band is able to create the light feelings of connecting with someone. This takes a slight dip later in the track with a sense of connection through the interplay between the low and high tones. The layers of the music intertwine in an eternal dance of connection and affection.

Adding to the dreamy essence of the single are the vocals. They enter as a hazy and airy line that flutters across the melody. The whispered lyrics have a tentative feeling in the opening that slowly unfurls into the bliss of connecting with someone who appreciates everything about you. Woven into this blissful feeling is a question of forever that sighs through the soundscape. It is a very light track that captures everything good about dream pop while touching on a rather deep topic.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults twirl around you in the dreamy soundscape of ‘Gemini’ while sighing with affection and the question of forever. The music is a misty dance of two souls entwined forever and reaching out into the ether of the world. With whispering vocals, the band brings an appreciation of connections to the yearning of sharing them forever.

Find out more about Letting Up Despite Great Faults on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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