Carson Aday – My Small Handful of Gold (2021)

There are times when breaking up after years together is the right decision, but that doesn’t always translate to what you feel at the time. This is something that Carson Aday has gone through and transformed into his single ‘My Small Handful of Gold’. Taking his pain and regret, he weaves it into a single that unleashes these negative emotions while acknowledging the rightness of the decision made.

While he draws on his emotions and experience, the event is a universal one that makes the single easy to relate to. As he picks up the pieces of his own emotions, he combines them with his passion for music which he has honed over the years to craft his mature sound. With a range of emotions packed into the music, Aday will have you longing for what you know you can’t have, stewing in regret and finally finding the light at the end of the tunnel.

The opening line of ‘My Small Handful of Gold’ has a hit of nostalgic sadness that perfectly encompasses the emotion of the single. The roll of the guitar is utterly wonderful while the drums pull you further into the track. As the song progresses, the nostalgia drops for a steadier light rock tone. The lightness of the music does not negate the longing that comes through on the vocals. Instead, the contrast of the rather light music and the regretful vocals enhances the emotional hit of the track. The dynamic movement of the guitar through the single is addictive and will keep you hooked to the track.

As you ride the ups and downs of the melody, Aday’s vocals scream with emotion. His performance enters with a soft flow steeped in contemplation and a touch of regret. The lyrics match this feeling as he yearns for someone who is no longer there. When the music turns, his voice picks up a rock growl that is really wonderful. As the single continues, his voice whines with the uneasy feeling of the decision you have made to break up. It is really amazing how he packs so much emotion into his performance while keeping you engaged and connected. In the latter parts of the track, his voice rises for a great call into the soundscape that unleashes all the built-up emotion.

Carson Aday packs an unbelievable amount of emotion in ‘My Small Handful of Gold’ while hooking you to the dynamic movement of the melody. Through the soundscape, he creates a contrast of light melodics and painfilled vocals. While he steeps in the pain of a breakup, he does acknowledge that this was the right thing before unleashing a cry of emotion.

Find out more about Carson Aday on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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