Lewca – 3 Kids & A Mortgage (2020)

The mundane experiences of life are over glossed over as something that happens all the time without any drama. These moments do actually have their own drama which Lewca is bringing to our ears with his EP 3 Kids & A Mortgage. Touching on everything from tennis, relationships and alcohol abuse to Brixton and bacon and eggs, the EP captures everyday life and turns it into a musical diary.

Drawing on influences from his youth, there is a bit of everything mixed into the tracks. After being in numerous bands, Lewca became serious about his solo project in 2019 with this being his first EP release. By taking everyday events and turning them into engaging tracks, he has created an EP that is relatable and a lot of fun to listen to.

The EP starts with ‘Doing My Thing’ which hits you with some heavy notes that get you moving from the first moment. The melody thumps against your brain before taking off running on the chorus. Lewca’s vocals are engaging and put a smile on your face without any problems. The song has this wonderful vibe that makes you feel comfortable with yourself. While there is a heavy thread of not caring what others think, this is tempered with the knowledge that doing whatever you want is not always the best option. The track brings you to a balance of doing what you want and not falling into excess.

‘What Went Wrong’ brings a completely different sound to your ears with some retro pulses. Lewca’s vocals take on a rap-rock vibe that hits more 80s melodics on the chorus. The lyrics pull you into a rather relatable story of a relationship and the spiral of break down. There is a touch of darkness to the music that enhances the emotions of the track while complementing the higher tones on the chorus. After the opening track, this single has a much lighter feeling even though the subject matter is just as heavy.

Everything takes another turn with ‘Champions’ which is all rap and good times. While the lyrics use watching tennis as the basis of the story, there is a much deeper meaning to the track. The arrangement of the track is a lot of fun to listen to and you are likely to find yourself singing along to the chorus. Woven into the engaging tones of the music is a tale of alcohol abuse and the spiral that people can easily slip into.

‘Hollywood’ has a richer opening that gives way to a layered melody. There are these beats that thump through your chest and higher twinkling notes that add a layer of glitter to the melody. There is an almost nostalgic vibe to the music while the lyrics detail living in Brixton. There are a lot of tight arrangements in the track as it moves through a range of emotions. Lewca hits you first with nostalgia as he works through his youth in Brixton. This moves to an understanding that this is your home and you will love it regardless of what happens.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Back From the Dead’ which draws you in with a more traditional drumline. Lewca’s vocals have a light distant feeling in the opening before a slightly country vibe hits you. The guitar sings through the soundscape with this really engaging line while an organ warbles in the background. The engaging vibe of the melody is a little at odds with the lyrics that tell the tale of bad experiences that many people go through. However, there is a somewhat optimistic feeling to the song like you know these bad things can lead to something more positive.

The five tracks of 3 Kids & A Mortgage hit you with very different soundscapes while Lewca balances engaging melodics with drama. Each track has the ability to grab your attention with a lively soundscape while the lyrics tell a much darker tale. The contrast has been expertly handled as you have fun listening while being given something to really think about.

Find out more about Lewca on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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