Silas Armstrong – Giving Up (2021)

Coping with a breakup can be hard for many people but the pandemic has made this even worst for some. Silas Armstrong has taken the emotions of a breakup during lockdown and crafted them into his single ‘Giving Up’. Pulling on past experiences, he wraps his emotional responses around highly relatable lyrics.

The breakup ballad uses a touch of soul resting on a bed of pop to bring the emotions to life. With a breadth of experience, Armstrong draws on his time as a radio producer and playing impromptu gigs at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. While the music itself brings the emotions of the song to life, the accompanying music video uses a relatable visual to drive the messaging of the single home.

‘Giving Up’ has an epic opening full of vibrating depth and captivating piano notes. There is a richness to the melody that is wonderful to hear and fills your senses with the luxuriousness of the music. The piano line is utterly wonderful and drives the melody through the deep beats and the light twinkling tones that come up in the chorus. The melody makes you think about ballads of the past that were all soulful arrangements and emotional depths.

Resting on this melody, Armstrong’s vocals continue the soulful depths of the music. There is a lot of emotion laced into each word while the flow of his performance makes you want to close your eyes and sink into the single. The overlapping vocals on the chorus enhance the richness of the melody while the humming tones swell in your chest. There is a delightful soulfulness to the vocals that send your mind soaring on the waves of emotion he brings forth.

The accompanying music video features his sister Phoebe whose story brings a new side to the single. Armstrong gives some insight into her story on his Instagram which is worth checking out. Even if you don’t know her story, the video uses the relatively simple premise of her lip-syncing to the single while running to great effect. As she runs, you are filled with the emotions of the single which really hit a little harder with the visual. It is like you can connect with the lyrics better when placed in the relatable context of thoughts you have while running.

Silas Armstrong fills you with emotions through the rich soundscape of ‘Giving Up’. The breakup ballad has a delightful richness that shines in both the depths of the melody and Armstrong’s emotive vocal performance. They combine to form a soulful single that really hits you with the swell of emotion.

Find out more about Silas Armstrong on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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