Lierda – Zone (2020)

During the bad times, it can be hard to find hope or acknowledge the good. If you are struggling with this, Lierda is here to help with their single ‘Zone’. Using dark melodies and heavy beats, they reflect on the struggle of getting to the right mental state and achieving your dreams. Through their music, they help you reach a chilled vibe that gets you into the right zone to move forward.

This look at the good times in the bad comes from Adrien Charafeddine and Gilles Eid. The duo has been friends for years and moved from hanging out to meeting at their built-from-scratch studio. Drawing on their own experiences, they thread light into the dark tapestry of life.

‘Zone’ pulls you in with an interesting expansive opening. There is a melodic line that hooks you while higher tones tap against your ears. This melds with some trip-hop beats that add a sense of darkness to the melody. The depths of the music are a wonderful sonic representation of the dark place you are trying to get out of. The lighter notes pulse like the struggle to get out of this place and into a good mental zone. While the bass and drums have a darkness, there is an overall chilled vibe to the melody that lightly rests over you.

The vocals hit you with positivity from the first moment as they state that they are in their zone. The lyrics wonderfully map out the issues people have that draw them into a dark place. However, there is an uplifting thread as they fill you with the power to change things. The chorus has a wonderful melodic flow that fuses the trip-hop beats with smooth RnB. The rap in the second part of the single is slick and rises wonderfully over the beats.

Lierda uses a dark melody with smooth vocals to get you to a mental state where change is possible in the empowering ‘Zone’. The muted bass melds with the heavy beats to create a depth to the melody. The vocals rest over this and fill you with the emotions of the single.

Find out more about Lierda on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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