Lily Lewis – Radio Silence (2020)

Out of the crowd in Los Angeles, there stands a shining star spreading hope, love and joy to all who see her. This star is Lily Lewis. Born in Santa Barbara, but now based in LA, the US singer-songwriter has spread her wings and is building a strong following with her evocative, heartfelt music. Being featured in Le Future Wave, Keep Walking Music and several radio stations, Lewis is making waves on both a national and international scale. The latest addition to her growing repertoire is the single ‘Radio Silence’.

Following her critically acclaimed singles ‘VCR’ and Lonely Lovers’, ‘Radio Silence’ is an emotive and inspiring pop single. With a likeness to Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande, but with her own soulful sound, ‘Radio Silence’ is smooth, flowing and mesmerising. Interspersed with understated synths and well-placed keys, the single has an underlying bounce that unconsciously gets your toe tapping and head bopping.

Perhaps the most intriguing element of ‘Radio Silence’ is Lewis sincere vocals. Slightly hushed but with an underlying power in her dulcet tones, Lewis oozes passion, sophistication and elegance. Looking at feelings of isolation in a bustling city, ‘Radio Silence’ is compelling and heartfelt with Lewis vocals adding a genuine passion to the track.

Calming, charming and beguiling, ‘Radio Silence’ is an eloquent dip into one’s psyche. Significant and soul-stirring, this is a single I could listen to again and again without becoming bored.

For more from Lily Lewis check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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