Narrow Margin – Hey Mr Shareholder (2020)

Music reflects life. A simple statement that just about anyone can agree with when considering that it may be used to convey a thought, feeling, emotion, or tell stories. Whatever the goal, it always boils down to being an expression of who we are – a way to show the world what you believe, and maybe, just maybe find a person or two who feels the same way. It’s becoming apparent that Narrow Margin has certainly found more than a person or two – they’ve found an entire fanbase. One that relates strongly to what they’ve got to say, at that. 

The band has once again outdone themselves, releasing a brand new digital track on Friday, February 7th via 42 Records. ‘Hey Mr Shareholder’ is already sitting at over 1,000 listens on Spotify less than 24 hours later, and it just keeps on climbing. They showed us with their last single that they are all about that real-world reflection. ‘Kids Don’t Dance’ did a great job reminding us that the world has changed and in the process, people have as well. This new track is continuing that theme, once again allowing the band to use their music as an outlet to touch on pressing societal issues. 

‘Hey Mr Shareholder” is, in its most blatant description, political. It outlines the injustices of the wealth gap in society, emphasising the massive difference between the upper and lower classes. Greed runs the world, and Narrow Margin wants us to know that. They relay this heavy topic in a way that upholds their ever incredible energetic, lively style. Songs that feature heavily themed lyrics combined with exciting instrumentals will always get the people moving, but more importantly, it will get them listening. Anyone can sing a song about the political state of the world, but it takes the right beat to make people really hear and understand it. They are effectively doing their best to remind us that we as the people have the ability to:

Take the power, take the power, take the power back!’ – Narrow Margin, ‘Hey Mr Shareholder’

With only three songs out, the raw, real, recurrent themes of the band’s music thus far rightly have fans wondering if the trope will continue on into the future. The originality of it all is what keeps people coming back, along with the anticipation of what they have in store for us next. Will we get another more personal track like ‘Oxford Street’, or will we be getting heavier topics that have a more socially-driven focus like the last two?

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The only way to find out is to wait and see. You can check out ‘Hey Mr Shareholder’ along with the other two singles on their Spotify. Keep up with Narrow Margin on Facebook or Twitter for news on upcoming shows and songs, and make sure to give them a follow to show your support! 

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